Why is it worth ordering us to repair your car:

  • we have been continuously in business since 1976 and we love the automotive industry,
  • we have great experience and expertise in the field of car body repairs,
  • we provide competitive prices, while maintaining high quality,
  • we have proper equipment complying with technologies used in paint and body repairs,
  • at customer’s request we provide photographic documentation,
  • you can see your car during performed works at any time,
  • parts replaced during a repair are presented, when a vehicle is collected,
  • we describe repair scope in details,
  • we clean your car before it is collected,
  • our shop is insured with reference to customer vehicles,
  • employees never drive your car outside company premises; only shops’ owner does, if necessary (we are insured in case of a car accident)
  • we use only branded and proven painting materials,
  • we regularly update our skills,
  • we meet deadlines in our business operations,
  • we can provide roadside assistance – possible vehicle transportation in the area of the European Union,
  • service cost is always agreed with a customer prior to work commencement and it does not change during a repair; we do not collect advance payments; customers pay, while collecting their cars.

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